March 2011 Week 3: Perennials, Veggies & More!

Posted on March 18, 2011

Your brown lawn will be soooo jealous! Check these flowers out!
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Now that we finally had some milder weather, let the gardening begin!

Wake up the yard with COLOUR!


If the ground is workable you can now start adding some colour to your yards and doorsteps with some Pansies, Primulas, Daffodils, Ranunculus, and English Daisies.  Many perennials are showing new good growth and could be planted anytime. 

Early Veggies for Outside

You can also start your early vegetable crops in your garden.  There is a good selection of different varieties of Onions, Lettuce, Cabbage, Broccoli, Swiss Chard and Peas.  Don't forget we have Kelsae and Walla Walla Onion sets and a full selection of Pacific North West seeds.

Cart loads of Pansies & Primulas

This week we will be bringing out cart loads and cart loads of Pansies and Primulas from our growing greenhouses in the back, into selling section 'D' and 'E'.  We will also be opening up tables B9 and B10 with a full selection of Dianetts (Pot Carnations) that are in full bloom or covered in buds.  These can be mixed in with your early, cool crop plantings, or simply treat them as a tender perennial.  

Great Deals on deer fencing, pots, bark chips, and fertilizer...

A few items from the hard goods section that will be discontinued after this season are now marked down 25%.  This includes, deer fencing, Duraco plastic pots and saucers, bags of Western Bark chips and Red Wood chips from Scott's.  We are also over-stocked on Scott's Eco Sense Lawn fertilizer (10-0-5) in a 9kg bag, so this will be sold at 25% off this season while supplies last. 

Geranium Stock Pots

Purchase one of our big, beautiful Geranium, Martha Washington, or Scented Geranium stock pots and you will receive a FREE 10" Tropical hanging basket.  Our large stock pots are just starting to bloom and can be put out during the days but need to be put under cover on frosty nights.  These beauties become a great focal point in the garden by the time the summer months arrive.


Happy Gardening!

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