March 2011 Week 4: Tomatoes, Berries and Moss

Posted on March 26, 2011

Spring Chill? Get the coolest plants around!
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TomatoesWe will be setting up the first batch of four pack tomato plants for Saturday morning.  This is a selection of some of the basic varieties of cherry, beefsteak and canning tomatoes.  We have received quite a few phone calls inquiring as to when these would be available, but please remember this is a cold sensitive crop.


Full Selection of Seed Geraniums


seed geraniumsThe full selection of seed geraniums are now available, for those people who love getting an early start.  Seed Geraniums produce small clusters of blooms and are great for large garden areas that require smaller plants.


You will find all 16 varieties on table B18, their regular location.  


Bountiful Berries!


Our Berries are starting to show new growth, so just a reminder that we have a great selection of Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and some Grapes.  Some Strawberry plants are available now too.  


blueberriesNew Blueberry varieties available this year: 


Chandler- supposed to be the world's largest Blueberry!

Pink Lemonade- yes, the berries are pink!

Top Hat- the first container growing variety!

Spring Chill? No problem with Cool Crop Baskets... 


Wall plantersOur fresh moss arrived this week, for everyone who would like to plant some cool crop moss baskets.  We also have our full selection of Pacific Rim wire baskets, wall frames, coco liners, hangers, and brackets.   


For early mixed baskets or planters, we placed an initial section of cold tolerant (but only to -2 C) Basket stuffers, like Lobelia and Bacopa on table C5 and C6.

Early Season Veggies
Greenery plant thermometer
Freeze Warning!

Even with the late start to the season this year, we were still able to get our hardy vegetable garden planted on Sunday.  Our full selection of hardy vegetables are now available in 6 packs. 

If you are still a little nervous about planting, you could check out some early season crop cover that is available to cover your early season plantings overnight and give them a little extra protection.
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Succulents have arrived

Aloe VeraA selection Aloe Vera and Mimicry plants has arrived, just like the ones that sold out last year!  Come browse through them. And also look at our amazing selection of succulents!


Happy Gardening!

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