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March 2012 - Week 2

Posted on March 16, 2012

Trial tomato hanging baskets, stock pots, berries, and more!
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Thank-you for coming in to say hello this week!

We enjoyed hearing how well your gardening adventures turned out last season. We hope your enthusiasm and excitement for the new season is just as high as ours!

Flowering Bulbs


Assorted Dahlia Bulbs
Assorted Dahlia Bulbs

Our full order of flowering bulbs has arrived and is ready for your selection. Choose from over 40 varieties of Dahlia bulbs, including some huge flowered dinner plate varieties as well as some cactus flowered varieties, or have a look through the novelty Gladiola bulbs. 


Get your flowering bulbs started early in pots so you have a nice healthy plant when it's time for them to be transplanted outdoors!


Stock Pots 

Our big beautiful stock pots of Zonal, Exotic, and Scented Geraniums as well as

Pelargoniums (Martha Washingtons) are available again this season. We have over 100 varieties of healthy 'mother plants' in 14" and 12" pots to give your gardening efforts a mega start! We also have some Fuchsia and herb stock hanging baskets and pots available as well.

Geranium Stock Pots
Geranium Stock Pots
Potted Exotic Geranium
Potted Exotic Geranium

Seed Potatoes, Berries, and more!  


The shipment of early seed potatoes has arrived, including 6 different Gourmet varieties!


We know that some of you like to pre-pot your early crops to give them that head start while the soil warms up a bit more. Some of you just might like to ensure that you get that certain variety you "just need" to grow this season.


We also have onion bulbs and sets, asparagus, rhubarb and horseradish roots, and an assortment of berries: raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries as well as a variety of grapes. Our strawberries are planted and will be available in the beginning of April.


Tomatoes for Picking! 


Tomato Hanging Basket 
Tomato Hanging Basket
Large Potted Tomatoes
For those of you lucky enough to have a little or large greenhouse or even a solarium in the back yard (or perhaps a heated glass enclosed swimming pool?) have we got a treat for you!


Seeded in September and early November, we have a selection of trial tomato hanging baskets--some with a really good crop of ripe to green fruit already set and ready to pick. We just wanted to find out which were most suitable for winter production.

We also have a few extra large potted tall tomato varieties that are loaded with fruit ranging from red or yellow to green. They are planted in pots that are 12", 8",and 6" as well as varieties for hothouses in 1 gallon pots.

Also for the more patient gardeners, we have a full selection of tomato, pepper, and cucumber plants in 4" pots.

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