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March 2013 - Week 3

Posted on March 22, 2013

Cole Crops & Early Spring Plants
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Rain or snow? We've got you covered... literally!



What strange and unusual weather for March!  We can't remember the last time we had lightning this early in the season.  Don't be concerned, as we've just finished covering the rest of the outdoor retail space. Now you can browse without the worry of rain, hail, or whatever else Mother Nature is bringing us.
Primlet Primulas
Primlet Primulas
Plants for the Early Cool Days

Don't worry about the snow and frost, the cool crop plantings of Pansies, Primulas, Ranunculus, English Daisies (Bellis), Forget Me Nots (Myosotis), and Wallflowers can all withstand temperatures to -5 or so.

So too can the potted bulbs--Daffodils and incredibly fragrant Hyacinth!  Many perennials are showing good new growth and could be planted any time.  As well, there are tables and tables full of Spring colour in selling section 'C' and 'D'.
Early Spring Plants Video

Watch our Early Spring Plants Series for the low-down on each of the plants mentioned above (except Wallflower). 
Early Vegetables for Outside

Assorted Cold Crops and Vegetables
Assorted Cole Crops and Lettuce
You can also start planting your early vegetable crops (known as "cole crops") in your garden, after the plants have been properly hardened off. Our hardy vegetable section is set up, with a good selection of different varieties of Onions, Lettuce, Cabbage, Broccoli, Kale, Swiss Chard and Peas.

Don't forget we have Kelsae and Walla Walla Onion sets and a full selection of Pacific Northwest seeds!

Also don't miss out on a one time only, limited selection of over 50 different types of Lettuce, Cabbage, Kale, Broccoli, and Mesclun mix in 2.5" pots--all individually numbered and hardened off, ready to be planted out into the garden.  This is a once a year planting for our own garden trials, and these seedlings are all the extra ones, now for sale on table D17.
Cole Crops Video

Watch our Cole Crops video for an up-close look at some of our vegetable selection.
Assorted Heather
Assorted Heather
It's Heather Weather!

We are happy to announce that our Shipment of Heather has arrived--three weeks earlier than last season!

The assortment looks incredible, full of blooms and buds ready for the yard.  With 18 varieties of Spring and Summer blooming types, including some of our favourites like Tanja, Rosalie, Kramers Red, Spring Surprise, Flamingo and Spring Torch, there is bound to be one that will fit into your garden!
Pacific Rim Brackets, Baskets, Stands and More

Pacific Rim Brackets, Baskets, Stands
Pacific Rim Brackets, Baskets, Stands, and more!
Our order of Pacific Rim wall planters, hanging baskets, coco liner products, plant stands, trellises and hanging brackets are all on display now.

It is a great time to get ideas for sprucing up that space in the yard or entryway that needs a little added colour and excitement!

Fresh moss should be arriving this weekend, so stay tuned.
Wave Petunias, 4 Pack Tomatoes, Early Seed Geraniums
L-R: Wave Petunias, 4 Pack Tomatoes, Early Seed Geraniums
Seed Geraniums, Wave Petunias & 4 pack Tomatoes

A selection of early seed geraniums are now available, as well as the first planting of Wave Petunias for those people who need to get an early start on their wire frame baskets, or other containers.  These can be found on tables B9 and B10.

We will also be setting up the first batch of four pack tomato plants for Saturday morning.  This is a selection of some of the basic varieties of cherry, beefsteak and cooking and paste tomatoes. These can be found on tables B10.
Guess That Plant - Mar2013 Week 1
How Good Is Your Eye?

Be the first to guess all three photos to win a $20 Greenery Gift Card!
Head over to The Greenery's Facebook Page and comment on the contest photo (you might have to scroll down to find "Week 1's Contest"). The first person to get all three right, wins!

NOTE: Please do not email us your answers. Facebook entries only.
Since this is a "first person to guess correctly, wins" type of contest, we'd like to keep entries out in the open for everyone to see. Facebook comments are always in chronological order to keep things fair. It's also fun to see what everyone else is guessing! If you don't have a Facebook account, we encourage you to pester a friend to enter on your behalf.

About the Contest
Each week this season, when the newsletter comes out, look for our new Facebook photo identification contest! Each set of photos will be taken from The Greenery's retail space this week, and location clues will be provided on the Facebook Page.
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