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March 2013 - Week 4

Posted on March 29, 2013

Easter Planters, Mini Conifers, and Potatoes
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Happy Easter!



Looking for a beautifully planted gift basket or other flowering plants for a gift to take along to your Easter dinner party this weekend?  We have mixed tropical planters in Easter baskets and ceramic pots, as well as blooming Gerbera Daisies, Primulas, Pansies, Kalanchoes, or Solenia Begonias that would also bring a smile to any host's face!

P.S. On Easter Sunday, we will be giving away a 4" potted Daffodil or Kalanchoe with every purchase! (While supplies last.)
Looking forward to seeing you soon! 
The Greenery Family
Tropical Indoor Easter Basket
Tropical Indoor Easter Basket
Hardy Spring Planters

We also have a great selection of outdoor hardy Spring planters to welcome your Easter visitors at your doorstep!

Planted in different styles of plastic, and fibre pots.  For something nice to hang up outside, the viola wallbags and hanging baskets are starting to show some nice color.
Outdoor Spring Planters
Outdoor Spring Planters
Semi-Hardy Outdoor Spring Planters
Semi-Hardy Outdoor Spring Planters
Now is also the time to check out the new Cool Wave Pansies which we have in an assortment of hanging baskets and 4" pots.

This collection is the best spreading pansy and is so easy to grow with its vigorous growth habit and tolerance to cool temperatures. The blossoms last throughout the season with very little maintenance and will delight you with their beautiful bright colours and cheery happy faces. These plants can be grown as a ground cover in your garden or will fill any hanging basket or container.
Pretty Creeping Crawlers: Clematis and Vines

Our shipment of Clematis and Vines has arrived from Clearview Nurseries in Aldergrove, BC.

Big and beautiful one gallon Clematis plants to cover a bare fence or trellis, or maybe to climb a tree trunk.  We have over 60 varieties of Clematis to choose from, including the Select Vancouver series, and more than 20 other Vines, including Trumpet vine, Wisteria, Hops, Climbing Hydrangea, Chocolate Vine, and Honeysuckle.
Yukon Gold Seed Potatoes
Yukon Gold Seed Potatoes
Seed Potatoes Are Here!

The first shipment of seed potatoes from Abetkoff Farms in Grandforks will be arriving this weekend, as well as the back ordered varieties from our early shipment from Van Noort- including Sieglinde, Cecile, and the low glycemic variety, Nicola.

Come by and choose from some of your favourite varieties, depending on what your preference is: An early, mid-season or late harvest?  Yellow or white flesh?  Red, white or brown skin?

We have Warba, Norland, Pontiac, Russet Burbank, Yukon Gold, Kennebec, and Norkotah Russet, as well as some of the speciality varieties.
Cute Miniature Conifers Looking for a Home

"Garden Delight" Miniature Conifers
A wonderful assortment of 4" hardy miniature conifers will be arriving this weekend, from Pacific Northwest Propagators in Rosedale, BC.

Last season was our first time carrying these little beauties, and we had plenty of positive feedback!

These 'Garden Delights' are great for containers, rock gardens, miniature railroad gardens, bonsai, and patio planters.  They bring year round structure and enjoyment to our rock garden.

Guess That Plant - Mar2013 Week 2
How Good Is Your Eye?

Since we had a winner so early last week, we've decided to give out more prizes for more people from now on. How cool is that? Be one of the first three people to guess all three photos correctly to win a prize!

1st Place: $20 Greenery Gift Card
2nd Place: $10 Greenery Gift Card
3rd Place: $5 Greenery Gift Card

Head over to The Greenery's Facebook Page and comment on the contest photo at the top of the page to enter.

Keep guessing as we won't be announcing the winners or telling anyone they got it right until the end of the week!

NOTE: Please do not email us your answers. Facebook entries only.
Since this is a "first 3 people to guess correctly wins" type of contest, we'd like to keep entries out in the open for everyone to see. Facebook comments are always in chronological order to keep things fair. It's also fun to see what everyone else is guessing! If you don't have a Facebook account, we encourage you to pester a friend to enter on your behalf.

About the Contest
Each week this season, when the newsletter comes out, look for our new Guess The Plants Contest! Each set of photos will be taken from The Greenery's retail space this week.
Congratulations to Dawn Marie for winning Week 1's Contest!
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