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May 2012 - Week 4

Posted on May 24, 2012

Dahlias and Osteospermum Galore!
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We've got Dahlias! 


We have set up a whole new table (C12 & C13) of 4" Dahlias--a total of 23 varieties either in bloom, or just budding!  The unique dark-leafed varieties from last year are back, including Dracula, Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, and Taxi Driver.  There is also a beautiful new series of 5.5" potted Dahlias, with some very interesting bi-colour varieties such as, Colima, Tampico, Cherish Pink and Rose Bi-colour.


Cherish Pink Dahlia
Cherish Pink Dahlia
Colima Dahlia
Colima Dahlia
Rose Bicolour Dahlia
Rose Bi-Colour Dahlia
Tampico Dahlia
Tampico Dahlia

Awesome Osteospermum (Cape Daisies)  


The second planting of Osteospermum (Cape Daisies) with the popular bright yellows, shades of oranges and merlot, and the spoon-petal varieties, as well as the new double blooming 3D series will be brought out this weekend.  They all will be placed on tables D12, D13, D14, and D15 alongside the more traditional pink, purple and white varieties.


Osteospermum 3D Purple
Osteospermum 3D Purple
Osteospermum Caprivi Pink
Osteospermum Caprivi Pink
Osteospermum Margarita White Spoon
Osteospermum Margarita White Spoon
Osteospermum Sunscape Daisy Fireburst
Osteospermum Sunscape Daisy Fireburst
Osteospermum Voltage Yellow
Osteospermum Voltage Yellow

Loads of Perennials 


Now that the super busy rush has passed, we have been able to do a complete fill up of perennials, including some new expanded tables in selling section 'E'.  There is plenty to browse through, from different varieties of Gaillardia, Salvia, Shasta Daisies, Coreopsis and Scabiosa, to Columbine, Lupines and Foxglove, just to mention a few!


Perennial Table 1
Perennial Table 2
...and even more perennials!

More Hanging Baskets!    


Our 10" premium mixed sun hanging basketswill be available on Friday, May 25th.  If you missed out on the 12" hanging baskets - be sure to come in for one of these.  With an assortment of over 15 different plants in each basket, they are going to look great all summer, and they are priced at only $21.99!  Remaining 12" mixed shade hanging baskets that were left over from our large orders (quantities over 10) will also be available, unfortunately this year there will be no extra mixed sun hanging baskets.

Now that there is more room, we are starting to drop down the 10" European Mini Ivy Geraniums from the upper levels, and WOW do they look great!  As for wallbags there are still some really nice Potunias, Impatiens, and Calibrachoas available--completely in bloom and ready for your walls!  

10" Mixed Sun Hanging Baskets
Potunia Wallbags
Potunia Wallbags
Red Robin Tomato Hanging Basket
Red Robin Tomato Hanging Basket
Tomato Hanging Baskets

If you missed out earlier on tomato hanging baskets, well you are in luck!  We have started to bring out the next planting of 12" Red Robin tomato hanging baskets, and they are just loaded with fruits that are just a couple weeks away from turning red!

P.S. Yes we are eating our first Broccoli from our garden, planted March 21st (6 days later this year) and so far bug free.

Video Series: Spring Perennials 

Spring Perennials Series: Bergenia and Caltha Palustris
Bergenia and Caltha Palustris
Join Kirsten Segler from The Greenery Garden Centre and learn which kinds of perennials are great to plant while Spring is still in our midst!

1) Bergenia and Caltha Palustris

2) Drumstick Primrose and Helleborus

3) Bleeding Heart and Brunnera

4) Euphorbia and Doronicum 
Congratulations to our Weekly Winner!

Kim McMechan, enjoy your Garden Essentials Gift Basket! 

(Please come in and pick it up at The Greenery anytime we're open.) 


About the Contest


Each week we have a draw in our garden centre for everyone that filled out a ballot during that week.  Ballots are available in-store only, although you may want to check our Facebook page in the near future for special goodies for our Facebook friends!  


Happy Gardening!

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