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Patio looking bland? Try hanging baskets!

Posted on May 21, 2015

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Store Hours for the Week of May 17 - May 23

More Hanging Baskets!

Hi there,

Our 10" premium mixed sun hanging baskets will be available on Friday, May 22nd. You'll find them on table A-1 North. With an assortment of over 15 different plants in each basket, they are going to look great all summer, and they are priced at only $21.99!
10in Mixed Hanging Baskets
10" Mixed Hanging Baskets
10in Mixed Hanging Baskets
10" Mixed Hanging Baskets
10in Mixed Hanging Baskets
10" Mixed Hanging Baskets

Also coming out this weekend is a nice selection of 14" Potunia side-hole hanging baskets. They will all be hanging above table A-1 North and A-1 South.
Mixed Potunia Side-Hole Hanging Basket
Mixed 14" Potunia Side-Hole Hanging Basket
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Gorgeous Grasses

Looking for a beautiful planter centre piece or focal point plant? Try growing a variety of Pennisetum, commonly called Fountain Grass.

Many gardeners are familiar with Purple Fountain Grass (Pennisetum a. 'Rubrum') but how about one of the Royal collection? These varieties boast rich, dark purple/ bronze foliage in varying heights to suit any landscape situation or planter arrangement. They are an annual grass that thrives in the heat, becoming darker and more regal in colour as summer progresses.

Choose from:
  • 'First Knight' (Black Knight') - A noble stand of the deepest, darkest purple of all. Thrusting very upright in the centre and arching around the edges, reaching 4+ feet tall.
  • 'Prince' - Dappled blades grow ever-deeper purple, unlike many that fade in summer heat. Fuller, faster growth than other purple grasses, reaching 5 to 6 feet in height.
  • 'Regal Princess' - A more petite, lady-like form of 'Prince' with deep purple colour and excellent form, reaching 3 to 4 feet in height.
  • 'Fireworks' - This is a show-stopper Pennisetum from the Celebration series. A spectacular sport with tonnes of flair! Multi-coloured variegated foliage with burgundy midveins and hot pink margins. This stunning little beauty will reach 2 to 3 feet in height.

You will find the entire selection of annual grasses on table B20 and table N8.

First Knight Fountain Grass
'First Knight' Fountain Grass
Prince Fountain Grass
'Prince' Fountain Grass

Regal Princess Fountain Grass
'Regal Princess' Fountain Grass
Fireworks Fountain Grass
'Fireworks' Fountain Grass
Large Zonal Geraniums
Large Zonal Geraniums
Zonal Geraniums

Looking for something with colourful blooms to fill space quickly in the garden bed or container planter? We have a full selection of larger Zonal Geraniums
in 10" green hanging baskets ($18.99) with an empty pot in the middle for a quick centrepiece to be added for instant colour!

These are located on section 'D'
and 'E' table beams, as well as on tables E12 to E14.

Want to learn how to use the empty pot in the middle?

Read our How To:
Instant Planters with Zonal Geranium Baskets
Get Advice from Master Gardeners

For those of you seeking extra advice, some Kelowna Master Gardeners will be on hand Saturday from 10AM to 3PM. Stop by with your gardening questions, landscape plans, or simply say hello!
Flower Power Garden Tour
Flower Power Garden Tour Tickets

The 18th annual Kelowna garden tour is coming this June! Tickets are available for the garden tour for $32 if purchased before May 31st, or $37 after.

On June 13th, you can enjoy artists, food tastings and demonstrations throughout the host's yards and gardens.

Purchase your tickets with cash only from any one of the ladies up front, or on-line at

Or you can WIN tickets for you and a friend! See how to enter below...
Garden Tour Ticket Giveaway
Two chances to win!

How to Enter:

Option 1:
Stop by our retail store and enter a ballot into our draw box.

Option 2:
Enter through our Facebook Page by leaving a comment and tagging a friend on our Garden Tour Ticket Giveaway post. You can find this post near the top of our Facebook Page. Click here to enter!

Winners will be drawn on Wednesday, May 27 afternoon.

Good luck!
Garden Glove Giveaway Winners
Congratulations to the Eveline LeNoble and her friend Michelle Roberts for winning the last glove giveaway!

Please pick up your prizes at The Greenery Garden Centre.
Looking for a Plant We Didn't Mention Here?

We have set up a guide of the common locations for our most popular plants to help you quickly locate them at our expansive retail shop!

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