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Pretty Petunias for the Perfect Patio

Posted on May 26, 2017

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Store Hours for the Week of May 21 - May 27

Vegetative Petunia Hanging Baskets Available!

Assorted 12in Vegetative Petunia Hanging Baskets
Assorted 12" Vegetative Petunia Hanging Baskets

Our colourful 12" Vegetative (mounding) Petunia baskets are in full bloom and now available!

These lovely baskets can be found on table A4 North.

Assorted 12in Vegetative Petunia Hanging Baskets
Assorted 12" Vegetative Petunia Hanging Baskets

Assorted 12in Vegetative Petunia Hanging Baskets
Assorted 12" Vegetative Petunia Hanging Baskets

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Stocked Up Tables of Begonias & 4 Pack Impatiens

The third and final planting of Tuberous Begonias are now available and can be foundto the south of the cashier area (tables S2 to S7).
Begonia Funky Pink
Begonia 'Funky Pink'
Begonia Illumination Golden Picotee
Begonia Illumination 'Golden Picotee'
Begonia Mocca Deep Orange
Begonia Mocca 'Deep Orange'

Table A3 South & A4 South are also fully restocked with more of our 4 pack Impatiens.
Assorted 7 inch Zonal Geraniums
Assorted 7" Zonal Geraniums
Bloomin' Big Zonals!

We have a great selection of large 7" potted Zonal Geraniums in full bloom now available.

An excellent choice for instant colour in containers or in the landscape for only $5.99 each.

These beauties can be found on tables E8 and E9.
Are You a Sucker for Succulents?

We have an assortment of Tender Succulents available that are new to our collection! They are in 3.5" pots for $2.99 each and can be found on table W6.
Assorted Tender Succulents
Assorted Tender Succulents
Choose from unique and stunning varieties such as:

  • Crassulas:
    - Hottentot
    - Socialis (Ring Plant)
  • Senecios:
    - Pickle Plant
    - Haworthii Crescent Moon
  • Gasteria 'Little Warty'
  • Huernia zebrina 'Lifesaver Plant'
  • Haworthia attenuata 'Big Band'
  • Cotyledon 'Happy Young Lady'
  • Echeverias:
    - Afterglow

    - Purpureum

    - Filiferum

    - Orion

    - Blue Bird

    - Fabiola

    - Red Tip

    - Apus
    - Pollux
Tired of Mosquitoes?

We have noticed an increase in the pesky mosquito population with so much excess water so far this season. Perhaps it is time to truly put the 'Citrosa' Geranium to the test! Claimed to keep mosquitoes, black flies, and other biting insects at bay, try planting a few around your outdoor living spaces and let us know if they truly are a 'Mosquito Fighter".
Mosquito Plant Citrosum Photo by Mokkie_Wikipedia Creative Commons
Mosquito Plant 'Citrosum'
Photo by Mokkie/Wikipedia Creative Commons
Even if it has no effect, its refreshing citronella scent and attractive foliage will make it worthwhile. There is a good selection of Citrosa Geraniums in 4" pots on table B17, as well as the new scented geranium Lemona.

Other lemon scented plants that are worth trying out are Lemon Grass, Lemon Verbena and Lemon Scented Eucalyptus. These can all be found on table A-16 South alongside other herbs.
More Seed Potatoes

Seed Potatoes
Seed Potatoes

Our final shipment of Seed Potatoes from Abetkoff Farms in Grand Forks has now arrived.

There will be 5lb bags of Warba, Norland, Bintje, Columba and Pontiac as well as others available.

Columba is a newer variety that is very similar to Yukon Gold in colouring, flavour and storage capability.

Master Gardeners Association of BCKelowna Master Gardeners are Back!

This Saturday and Sunday a couple of the Kelowna Master Gardeners will be on site to answer your gardening questions and help you with those tricky spaces. Stop by their table and get some advice or share your gardening excitement!
Get Your Kelowna Garden Tour Tickets!

The 20th annual Kelowna garden tour is coming this June! Tickets are available for the garden tour for $29 if purchased before May 31st, or $34 after.

On June 17th, from 9am to 4pm, you can enjoy artists, food tastings and demonstrations throughout the host's yards and gardens.

Purchase your tickets with cash only from any one of the ladies up front, or on-line at
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