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Rain or Shine: We've Got Water Plants, Tomatoes & Vines!

Posted on May 04, 2017

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Store Hours for the Week of April 30 - May 06

Two Gallon Tomatoes & More Collectors Available

Our assortment of beautiful, large two gallon tomatoes are now available! Choose from 40 different varieties--some beefsteak, some cherry and even some collector types!
Assorted 2 Gallon Tomatoes
Assorted 2 Gallon Tomatoes
Tumbler Tomato Hanging Basket
'Tumbler' Tomato Hanging Basket
The hanging baskets of 'Red Robin'and 'Tumbler' Tomatoes are also available on the beam at table A14 and A15 north.

For anyone still looking for that perfect or unique tomato to grow this season, we have now restocked the tables withCollector, Heirloom, and Hanging Basket varieties of tomatoes, all of which you will find on both sides of aisle A17 north.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Red Mandevilla
Red Mandevilla
Vines That Bloom and Climb!

The trend of growing unique plants in containers continues to grow, which is why we are pleased to have a complete set up (on table A10 North) of beautiful tropical and annual vines available for this weekend.


This year we will have a limited supply of Mandevilla in 4.5" pots. The colours available will be red, merlot, and a strong white.


For another season we have good numbers of upright Bougainvillea plants available, in 6" round pots. 'Vara Purple' blooms early, is a more compact, bush type variety and would be ideal for containers, rather than hanging baskets.

We will also have our purple trailing variety 'Elizabeth Angus' available in 3.5" green pots. This variety would be more suitable for hanging baskets or window boxes.

Vara Purple Bougainvillea
'Vara Purple' Bougainvillea
Purple Trailing Bougainvillea
Purple Trailing Bougainvillea

Thunbergia & Other Vines

Our annual vines, which are much more cold tolerant, are now available in more than 10 varieties of Thunbergias, ranging in colour from white to rusty red.

Other vines of note are Cathedral Bells, Moonflower, and Aphrodite Purple Passion Vine. These are all planted in 3.5" pots, most with 2 plants per pot. Other vines planted in 2.5" pots are Heavenly Blue and President Tyler Morning Glories, as well as Cardinal and Firecracker (Mina Lobada) Vines.
Arizona Glow Thunbergia
'Arizona Glow' Thunbergia
Water Plants Available for the Weekend!

Water Hyacinth
Water Hyacinth
A good selection of water plants including floaters and Water Lilies will be available for Saturday morning!

Choose from marginals (water plants which you plant or place the pot into the water at varying depths depending on the species) such as:
  • Alisma parviflora (Water Baby's Breath)
  • Caltha palustris multiplex (Double Marsh Marigold)
  • Amenopsis californica (Yerba Mansa or Lizard Tail)
  • Schizostylis coccinea (Scarlet River Daisy)
  • Thalia Dealbata (Powdery Alligator Flag)
  • Typha gracilis and Typha latifolia variegatus (Cat Tails)
  • Iris louisiana - Fortuna Finder, Black Gamecock, Ann Chowning
  • Iris ensata variegata (Variegated Flag)
  • Marsilea mutica (Four Leaf Water Clover).

In the way of floaters and oxygenators, there will be a selection of:

  • Eichhornia crassipes (Water Hyacinth)
  • Pistia stratoides (Water Lettuce)
  • Hydrocharis morus-ranae (Frogbit)
  • Nymphoides peltata (Yellow Floatingheart)
  • Salvinia natans (Floating Fern)
  • Phyllanthus fluitans (Red Root Floater)
  • Myriophyllum brasilliensis (Red Stemmed Parrot Feather)
  • Hippuris vulgaris (Common Mare's Tail).
Cyperus King Tut and Prince Tut are also now available and can be found in the water plant section at table B20.

Water Lettuce
Water Lettuce
Red Root Floater
Red Root Floater

Also we will have Water Lilies in 4 varieties including white, red, yellow and pink.

All of the Water Lilies we will have available are hardy for our zone and should be submerged at a minimum depth of 12" for best performance. All of our water plants can be found at the back of selling section B along table B20 and the south wall separating selling section A and B.

Assorted Calla Lilies
Assorted Calla Lilies
Calla Lilies
We still have a nice selection of Coastal Calla Lilies available on table W1. With vibrant colours, larger flowers, and stronger stems in clusters, they will be a great addition to your patio containers or flower beds. Choose from 15 varieties with colours of bright golden yellow, reds, orange, pink, midnight purple, and even black!

Other plants still in good supply for 'indoor to outdoor' use are Gerberas, Rex Begonias, Dahlias and even Martha Washingtons.

Have some nice fresh colour on your dinner table and then outside in your planters or garden!
Parking Reminder
The Greenery's Side Gate for Parking
Reminder! You can park diagonally alongside our side gate, just around the corner of our main entrance, and walk through our regular parking lot.

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that it is illegal to obstruct the bike lane and you can be towed.

The busy rush caused by 'Gardening Fever' only happens for a short time each year, so please be patient trying to park and remember to stay off the bike lane!

Remember we are open Friday until 7pm. During those later hours, parking is no problem and you have the greenhouse almost to yourself.

12" Mixed Sun Hanging Baskets

For those of you who missed the release date last weekend, there is still a good
selection of our 12" mixed sunhanging baskets available.
Row of Mixed Sun Hanging Baskets
Row of Mixed Sun Hanging Baskets
Hanging Basket Shopping Reminder:
Please do not re-hang Hanging Baskets!

To all our valued customers:
When you are in our store shopping for that coveted hanging basket, please do not hang the baskets back up if you change your mind during the selection process. Simply leave the basket(s) on an empty table space and one of our staff will gladly hang the basket up for another day.

This allows us to ensure the basket is firmly hooked on the pipe so we do not have any "jumpers", as well as allows us to make sure the trickle line is placed in the basket so that we do not have any baskets go without irrigation.

Thank-you for your co-operation!
The Greenery Gardening Centre
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