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Ready, Set, Grow! Collector Tomatoes & Tropicals

Posted on April 23, 2015

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Tomato Lovers: Ready... Set... Collect!

Hi there,

Juliet Collector Tomatoes
'Juliet' Collector Tomatoes
Despite the coolish nights, we will still be bringing out the first planting of our collector tomatoes into location on Friday afternoon -with over 100 varieties.

Again this year we have divided the collection into three categories due to the ever increasing numbers of new varieties. Besides our general selection, we will have an Heirloom section, and a section of hanging tomato basket varieties, available in 2.5" pots for easy planting, all located on both sides of the aisle of A17 north. For hanging baskets, besides 'Tumbler', we found 'Sunset Falls' to be a vigorous heavy producer of bigger red and yellow striped grape tomatoes with really good flavour.

New Varieties for this season include:
  • Golden Cherry - A cherry tomato variety from Veseys Seeds, that in last year's trials equalled or even beat Sweet Orange in flavour, a variety we thought was our best tasting tomato.
  • Nectar - An ultra sweet, high in sugar but low in acid, cherry tomato that vigorously produces clusters of about 18-20 half ounce fruits.
  • Orange Zinger - A dark orange larger cherry tomato with a well balanced sweet-tangy flavour. We had a huge production in our trials.
  • Sweetheart - Bright red extra sweet, crack resistant cherry tomatoes form on long clusters of up to 1.5" fruits.
  • Super Sauce - Supposed to be the world's largest sauce tomato! Very prolific plants produce many huge, easy to peel tomatoes that are meaty and nearly seedless.
  • Sugar Gloss - A bright red cherry tomato with a very high sugar content. Fruits form on really long dual trusses, producing up to 40 tomatoes.
Tomato Hanging Basket
'Tumbler' Tomato Hanging Basket
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Click here to watch the video series:
Bring Home the Tropics: Canna Lilies

Canna Lilies add bold height and texture in flower beds and are a perfect centrepiece in large containers. They are also an excellent choice for ponds and other water gardens. All of our Canna Lilies can be found on table B1.

Some smaller varieties we grow from seed, include a star performer from the 2014 season: 'South Pacific Scarlet', the dark leaf beauty; 'Tropical Bronze Scarlet'; and new this season the Cannova series are available in 4.5" square pots for $3.99.

This new series was developed in the Netherlands, with the aim of producing varieties that could be used not only in subtropical and tropical climates where cannas originally evolved, but also in cooler summer climates. The Cannovas offer large green leaves, striking arrow-like buds and stunning flower displays in yellow, red and rose shades throughout the summer and into the fall.

Canna Lily Pretoria
Canna Lily 'Pretoria'
Canna Lily Australia
Canna Lily 'Australia'

Some specialty Canna varieties grown from bulbs, or tubers include: 'Lemon Punch', 'Orange Punch', 'Blushing Bride', 'Freckle Face', 'Australia', 'Pink Sunburst', and 'Pretoria'. These varieties are available in 5.5" square pots and range in price from $4.99 to $7.99 each. 'Australia' offers bold contrast with the vibrant red flowers on almost black, glossy foliage. 'Pretoria' has variegated leaves with yellow and green stripes topped with beautiful orange flowers above reddish coloured stems. 'Lemon Punch' and 'Orange Punch' are more compact varieties reaching up to 3 feet, while many other reach up to 5 feet tall.

Tropicanna Black
'Tropicanna Black'
Tropicanna Gold
'Tropicanna Gold'

Also choose from the stunning 'Tropicanna', 'Tropicanna Black' or 'Tropicanna Gold', all available in 2 gallon pots for $17.99. The exotic foliage of the 'Tropicanna' emerges bright burgundy and matures to large leaves striped with red, pink, orange, and green.
Click here to watch the video series:
Bloomin' Begonias

Returning this season are the varieties of the more sun tolerant boliviensis type Begonias, such as 'Bonfire' and 'Million Kisses' which are becoming more popular every year.

Assorted 4in Specialty Begonias
Assorted 4" Specialty Begonias
Begonia 'Sparks Will Fly'
Begonia 'Sparks Will Fly'
Begonia Million Kisses
Begonia 'Million Kisses'
Assorted 4in Specialty Begonias
Assorted 4" Specialty Begonias

The Mistral series is back in orange and red as well as 'California Sunset' and 'Bon Bon Cherry'. And if you haven't tried growing 'Dragon Wing' Begonias, be sure to add them to the list this season- they are almost indestructible! Look for our selection of Specialty Begonias on table A-2 South.

Bon Bon Cherry Specialty Begonia
'Bon Bon Cherry' Specialty Begonia
Victoria Falls Deep Orange Specialty Begonia
'Victoria Falls Deep Orange' Specialty Begonia
A Few Items You've Been Asking About...

Our full set up of trailing and upright Lobelia is complete. This season to make it a little easier for shopping, we have our trailing varieties available on table C1 and the upright varieties on table C2. As well the 4 pack Pansies are available now on tables E2 to E5. All the annuals in 4 packs are only $1.69.
Riviera Blue Splash Upright Lobelia
'Riviera Blue Splash' Upright Lobelia
Some plants make a colourful statement not with flowers, but with foliage! Our Landscape Coleus is a great example. This season we have a few new shades to add to our collection. Look for it on table N10 in 4.5" pots for $1.99.

Landscape Coleus
Landscape Coleus
Landscape Coleus
Landscape Coleus
Get Advice from Master Gardeners

Some of the Kelowna Master Gardeners will be set up at The Greenery this Saturday, April 25th from 10am to 3pm.

They will be ready to answer your questions and offer advice for your landscape and planting plans for this season.
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