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Save On Space With Hanging Baskets!

Posted on May 12, 2016

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Store Hours for the Week of May 08 - May 14

More Collector Tomatoes + Hanging Baskets & Wallbags!

For those of you who missed out on the first planting of collector tomatoes--get ready! A full selection will be available on Friday morning!
If you haven't picked up some hanging baskets to help beautify your outdoor space already, then now is a good time!
This newsletter will introduce some of the different plants we have available as hanging baskets and wallbags, so please keep reading.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Gotta' Collect 'Em All!

Juliet Collector Tomatoes
'Juliet' Collector Tomatoes
If you weren't able to get the tomatoes you needed when the first full set up of collector tomatoeswas set up, we will be bringing out the second planting into location on Friday morning, with over 100 varieties.

Again this year we have divided the collection into three categories due to the ever increasing numbers of new varieties. Besides our general selection, we will have an Heirloom section, and a section of hanging tomato basket varieties, available in 2.5" pots for easy planting, all located on both sides of the aisle of A17 north. For hanging baskets, besides 'Tumbler', we found 'Sunset Falls' to be a vigorous heavy producer of bigger red and yellow striped grape tomatoes with really good flavour.

Newer Varieties for this season include:
  • Golden Cherry (Labelled Husky Cherry Gold) -A cherry tomato variety from Veseys Seeds, that in last year's trials equalled or even beat Sweet Orange in flavour, a variety we thought was our best tasting tomato.
  • Nectar - An ultra sweet, high in sugar but low in acid, cherry tomato that vigorously produces clusters of about 18-20 half ounce fruits.
  • Orange Zinger - A dark orange larger cherry tomato with a well balanced sweet-tangy flavour. We had a huge production in our trials.
  • Sugar Rush - Super sweet, elongated fruit with one of the highest Brix (sugar) ratings. Fast Maturing and very productive.
  • Steakhouse - Extra large Beefsteak type, similar to Porterhouse.
  • Sugar Gloss - A bright red cherry tomato with a very high sugar content. Fruits form on really long dual trusses, producing up to 40 tomatoes.
Hanging Baskets Galore!

There are lots of 10" Calibrachoa hanging baskets(Million Bells) in section 'B', section 'C' and section 'F' to choose from.

New Guinea Impatiens and Interspecific Geraniumshanging baskets can all be found on tables A-1 North, A-1 South and A-4 North.
Assorted 10in Calibrichoa Hanging Baskets
Assorted 10" Calibrachoa Hanging Baskets
Assorted 12in Vegetative Petunia Hanging Baskets
Assorted 12" Vegetative Petunia Hanging Baskets
Colourful 12" Vegetative (mounding) Petunia baskets in full bloom are hanging in aisles A4 and A12 and are sitting on table A1 South.

Assorted 12in Vegetative Petunia Hanging Baskets
Assorted 12" Vegetative Petunia Hanging Baskets
Assorted 12in Vegetative Petunia Hanging Baskets
Assorted 12" Vegetative Petunia Hanging Baskets
Potunia Wallbags

There is still an excellent assortment of Potunia wallbags to brighten up sunny locations on a patio or entry wall space. They are hanging on the wall in section 'C'.

Potunias are a unique breed of Petunias with a mounding, compact growth habit. They hold a canopy of flowers all season long, and are available in the full spectrum of Petunia colours.
Potunia Mix Vegetative Petunia Wallbag
'Potunia Mix' Vegetative Petunia Wallbag
'Canada Mix' Vegetative Petunia Wallbag
Royalty Mix Vegetative Petunia Wallbag
'Royalty Mix' Vegetative Petunia Wallbag
Sweetunia Hot Pink Lemonade Vegetative Petunia
'Sweetunia Hot Pink Lemonade' Vegetative Petunia Wallbag
Our 16" Fibre Hanging Pots are ready!
This season we planted the 16" Fibre pots in a mix for a sun location and they are really starting to look great. With a combination of over 25 plants in each one, you could remove the wires and drop these into an existing pot or hang it up and watch it cover the fibre pot in no time at all. A selection of the remaining 110 Fibre hanging pots will be at A1 North and South at 10 am on Friday morning.
16in Mix Sun Fibre Hanging Basket
16" Mix Sun Fibre Hanging Basket
Venus Fly Trap _Photo by Webbaliah_
Venus Fly Trap (Photo by Webbaliah)
Venus Fly Traps & Octopus Plants

This weekend, our shipment of 3.5" Venus Fly Trapsand Octopus Plants will be arriving! You will find them right up front on table W2.
Dahlia Star Sister Crimson Picotee
Dahlia 'Star Sister Crimson Picotee'
P.S. Some items Being Restocked!

The Dahlia tables will be restocked and a full selection will be available on table S8 and S9

Night Sky Petunias will be restocked and available on table C10.

Hardy Vegetables will be completely restocked including lettuces, cabbages, broccoli, and cauliflower. All on tables D18, D19 and D20.

Purple Fountain Grass will be available again and can be found on table N8.
Ladybug eating aphids
Ladybugs are great for eating up those gosh darn aphids!

On Friday afternoon our first group of Ladybugs will be arriving! We will be selling these natural predators on behalf of the Central Okanagan Science Opportunities for Kids Society (SOKS).

For more about their programs check out their Facebook page at:

Greenery Glove Giveaway
Garden Glove Giveaway Winners
Congratulations toNikki McWilliam and her friend Marju Kuhl Wise for winning the last glove giveaway!

Please pick up your prizes at The Greenery Garden Centre.

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