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Start Your Tropical Paradise With These Plants

Posted on April 24, 2014

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Venus Fly Trap (Photo by Webbaliah)
Venus Fly Trap
(Photo by Webbaliah/Flickr)
Good News!

Hi there,

We were able to get in some more hardy figs, multiplier onions, blackberries and speciality seed potatoes like Russian Blue and French Fingerling which had all sold out a little early for some people. Also for something a little different, we have a shipment of Venus Fly Trap plants available!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Unique Vines & Tropical Plants

The trend of growing unique plants in containers continues to grow, which is why we are pleased to have a complete set up (on table A10 North) of specialty tropical plants and vines available for this weekend.
Mandevilla Red Fury
Mandevilla 'Red Fury'

The most popular of these are Mandevilla vines, where we have the Sun Parasol series. This series is a completely new collection of Mandevilla hybrids including the first genuine crimson that stays true to colour. They are known for ease of growing, continuous blooms, and disease resistance.
Purple Trailing Bougainvillea
Purple Trailing Bougainvillea

For a second season, we have really good numbers of
Bougainvillea plants available, in 4.5" square pots for $5.99.

Not only do we carry the deep purple trailing variety, but also a new more compact, bush type series. This Vara series comes in 4 colours, purple, white, coral, and pink. These would be ideal for smaller planters, rather than hanging baskets.
Bougainvillea Vara Coral
Vara 'Coral' Bougainvillea
Vara Purple Bougainvillea
Vara 'Purple' Bougainvillea
Vara 'Pink' Bougainvillea
Vara White Bougainvillea
Vara 'White' Bougainvillea
You may also want to check out the Purple Iochroma which offers clusters of deep purple tubular flowers and dark velvety green leaves, and will grow to a substantial bush by the end of the season. It blooms all summer and is greet for attracting hummingbirds.
Canna Lilies, Can Do

Our shipment of Tropicanna Canna Lilies has arrived! The Tropicanna series adds bold height and texture in flower beds and is a perfect centrepiece in large containers. It is also an excellent choice for ponds and other water gardens. Choose from Tropicanna, Tropicanna Black or Tropicanna Gold, all available in 2 gallon pots for $16.99 each on table B1.

Tropicanna Black
Tropicanna Black
Tropicanna Gold
Tropicanna Gold
Basket Stuffers

Nasturtium Flamethrower Burgundy
Nasturtium 'Flamethrower Burgundy'
As we complete the set-up of our retail section on tables A5 to A8 North and South, a few notable changes have been made to our Basket Stuffers. Bacopa has been moved to its new permanent location at C4, but we've kept a small selection inside on A5 North. As well, Lantana which was located along our south wall of Selling Section 'A' is now in its new location of A7 North.

Nasturtium Aloha Cream Red
Nasturtium 'Aloha Cream Red'
Some noteworthy additions to our Basket Stuffer section include Acalypha Tiki Series, Angelonia's both upright and trailing, Gomphrena, Gypsy White Gypsophillia, Nasturtium Flamethrower, Pentas Starcluster, and several new Salvia's, Coreopsis, and Phygelis.

From growing interest in the Acalypha's, the new Tiki series includes 'Jungle Cloak', 'Island Sunrise', ' Peach Whirl', and 'Tahitian Halo' all with extraordinary colors that hold up well in half-day sun, half-day shade.

In response to a growing popularity in butterfly and hummingbird attractants we now have 4 new upright Angelonia's (Archangel Series) , 4 trailing Angelonia's (Angelwings), and 4 new Pentas' all with tubular shaped flowers that bring the beauty of mother nature to your patio or sun-deck. Gomphrena used to be a wild and leggy looking weedy plant, but now with Gomphrena Pinball Series, these nice mounding plants add a little "punch" to any mixed planter in full sun, and are even drought tolerant.
Premium Basket Stuffers

To note as well, we have fully set-up our Premium Basket Stuffer selection on D3 and D4. Here we have combined those popular tender perennial varieties and some tougher annuals to give you taller, distinctive planter options that are sure to attract Butterflies, Honeybees, and even Hummingbirds.

Hebe Strawberries and Cream
Hebe 'Strawberries and Cream'
Salvia Armistad
Salvia 'Black and Blue'

Check out our full array of Agastache, Coreopsis, Phygelius, Hebe, Kniphofia, and Salvias. Such stand-out performers from previous years are Salvia 'Black and Blue', Salvia 'Amistad', Coreopsis 'Jive', Agastache 'Blue Fortune',Gaura 'Petite Passionate Rainbow', Hebe 'Strawberries and Cream' as well as the Popsicle series of Kniphofia.
Agastache Grape Nectar
Agastache 'Grape Nectar'
Coreopsis Jive
Coreopsis 'Jive'
Gaura Petite Passionate Rainbow
Gaura 'Petite Passionate Rainbow'
Juliet Collector Tomatoes
Juliet Collector Tomatoes
Collector Tomatoes

Despite the coolish weather, we will still be bringing out the first planting of our collector tomatoes into location on Friday afternoon--with over 100 varieties.

Again this year we have divided up our collection into three categories due to the ever increasing numbers of new varieties. Besides our general selection, we will have a Heirloom section, and a section where many of the new hanging basket varieties will be available in 2.5" pots for easy planting, all located on both sides of the aisle of A17 north.

A few newer tomato varieties of note:
  • Big Mama - an unusually large paste type
  • Big Daddy - a large disease resistant slicing variety with fruits reaching over 1 lb.
  • Mortgage Lifter - a meaty beefsteak heirloom variety with few seeds that is a consistent taste test winner.
  • Orange Wellington - a prolific plant that bears nearly seedless, meaty orange fruits.
  • Tasty Lee - has superior sweet flavour and 40% more Lycopene.
  • Topsy Tom - similar to Tumbler, but with with more pliable stems. Good for hanging baskets and upside down planters.
We will also have a few plants available of Puden's "Purple", an early "pinkish" Brandywine type (potato leaf) which we received some extra seeds from one of our customers who really likes it's huge early production.
Get Advice from Master Gardeners

Some of the Kelowna Master Gardeners will be set up at The Greenery this Saturday, April 26th from 10am to 3pm.

They will be ready to answer your questions and offer advice for your landscape and planting plans for this season.
Congratulations to our Weekly Winner!
Donna G., enjoy your Garden Essentials Gift Basket!

(Please come in and pick it up at The Greenery anytime we're open.)

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