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The Greenery's 2016 Annual 2 For 1 Sale

Posted on June 23, 2016

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Greenery Annual 2 for 1 Sale

Store Hours for June 19 - June 25 (Last day June 26!)

The Greenery's 2 For 1 Sale


It's back! For 4 days! The Greenery's annual 2 FOR 1 sale starts on Thursday, June 23rd and continues until we close our doors for the season on Sunday, June 26th.

This year's sale includes all remaining annuals, vegetables, herbs, water plants, perennials, as well as a small selection of potunia wallbags and a good selection of basket stuffer stock pots.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Remaining Annual and Tropical Plants Include:
Assorted 4in Vegetative Mounding Petunias
Assorted 4" Vegetative Mounding Petunias
Zonal Geraniums
Assorted 4" Zonal Geraniums
First Knight Pennisetum Emerald Coast
'First Knight' Pennisetum Emerald Coast
Fuchsia _Chilli_
Fuchsia 'Chilli'
Remaining Bedding Packs Include:
Bedding Pack Impatiens
Bedding Pack Impatiens
Bedding Pack Marigolds
Bedding Pack Marigolds
Assorted Bedding Pack Petunia
Mixed Assorted Bedding Pack Petunias
Assorted Bedding Pack Lobelia
Assorted Bedding Pack Lobelia
Bedding Pack Salvia
Bedding Pack Salvia
Remaining Vegetable & Herb Plants Include:
Assorted Corn
Assorted 2.5" Corn
Assorted 2.5in Basil
Assorted 2.5" Basil
Assorted 2.5in Cucumbers and Squash
Assorted 2.5" Cucumbers and Squash
Attention Giveaway and Weekly Draw Winners!
If you won a prize from the Photo Contest, Weekly Draw, or Glove Giveaway, this is your last chance to pick up your prizes at The Greenery Garden Centre before we close by the end of June 26th!

Lastly, stay tuned for the 10th Annual Photo Contest coming this fall!

Glove Giveaway Facebook Winners:
  • Dan Tait & Kasey Graff
  • Tiffany Kuhl & Lisa Graham-Lovegren
  • Shalan Thomson & Tracey Warren
  • Nikki McWilliam & Marju Kuhl Wise
  • Jacqueline Edwards & Beth Bosch
  • Lois Schneider & Laura Bollinger
  • Kyle Newton & Louise Richardson
  • Lee Rogers & Katherine Bensmiller
  • Colette Hanczel & Cindy Lewthwaite
In-Store Weekly Draw Winners:
  • Audrey Ternowsky
  • Sharon Gaboury
  • Taylor Hawes
  • Stacey Rotheisler
  • Michele Nojonen
  • Tami Jemson
  • Patti Pierce
  • Jean Leschuk
  • Sally Porter
  • Leanne Booth
  • Lorraine Roth
  • Louise Sewell
Please pick up your prizes at The Greenery Garden Centre if you haven't already!
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