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We are BERRY delighted this week!

Posted on March 29, 2019

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Store Hours for the Week of March 24 - March 30

Bunches of Berries, Air Plants, Living Stone Plants, Mimicry Plants & Hardy Vegetables


Our set up continues this week as we move along and continue to fill up the retail area out into selling sections C, D, E and F. You'll find an incredible selection of berries and we have tried to help you out with your selections with some great information below.
Our Air Plants, Living Stone Plants and a selection of Mimicry Plants have arrived so be sure to come in and pick one up if you've been waiting!

With the agreeable weather we have been having, the ground is becoming more and more workable and we have even managed to get our first planting of early broccoli and lettuce into our garden beds. All the early hardy vegetables are stocked and ready in location on tables D17- D20.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
The Greenery Kelowna Garden Centre
Our retail aisles are filling up!

We've Got a Bunch of Berries!
We have a good selection of Raspberries and Blueberries as well as Blackberries, Currants, Grapes, Haskaps (Honeyberry) and Gooseberries. Want something more unique? Look for others like the Loganberry, Boysenberries, or Gojiberries (Wolfberry)!


A Loganberry is a cross between a Blackberry and a Raspberry. It is a thornless, self-pollinator that produces heavy yields of tart, long, reddish-purple berries.


A Boysenberry is a cross between a Blackberry, a Raspberry, and a Logan Berry. It produces large, dark purple berries that are sweet, yet tart.


Lots of Ever-Bearing and Summer-Bearing Raspberry varieties available!
Everbearing Raspberry

These varieties have early summer and fall crops of berries that are produced on new canes each year. The canes should be cut part way or to the ground at the end of the season.
  • Autumn Bliss - Large, mild tasting, red berries.
  • Autumn Britten - Large, conical, flavourful berries.
  • Caroline - Sweet, firm, red berries. High yields.
  • Double Delight - Medium sized, sweet and tangy, red berries.
  • Encore - Large, sweet, juicy, red berries. Nearly spineless canes.
  • Fall Gold - Golden yellow, medium sized, sweet berries.
  • Heritage - Large, sweet, red berries. Producing high yields, no staking needed.
  • Nova - Medium, red berries with excellent flavor. Upright canes with light spines.
  • Prelude - Early ripening, medium sized, red berries with excellent flavor.
  • Red River - Medium sized, sweet red berries.

Summer Bearing Raspberry

These varieties have one crop of berries produced on last years canes, while the fruiting canes should be pruned out at the end of the season.
  • AAC Eden - A new thornless variety. Large, sweet, firm, red berries.
  • Boyne - Medium sized, sweet red berries.
  • Cascade Delight - Large, conical, sweet red berries.
  • Killarney - Medium sized, sweet, firm, red berries.
  • Latham - Large, red, sweet berries.
  • Meeker - Large, sweet, red berries.
  • Tulameen - Large, light red, firm, sweet berries.
  • Black - Large, black colored berries with excellent flavor.
  • Purple - Very large, purple colored berries with excellent flavor.


Blackberries offer excellent hardiness in the garden and produce sweet, dark berries that are large and firm. Black Satin, Chester, and Triple Crown are all thornless and extremely productive varieties.

Blackberries are delightful whether eaten fresh, used in desserts, frozen or preserved.

Black Currants

Currants are rich in flavor and full of vitamins. The Black variety produces large, black fruits with excellent tangy flavor, while the Red variety produces smaller fruits. Use currents to add flair to dinner dishes and desserts.


When plantingBlueberryplants, it is best to plant two different varieties for better pollination and a bigger harvest. Most soils are alkaline (have a high pH), since Blueberries like acidic conditions, add lots of plain peatmoss or sprinkle granular sulphur over the growing area. Like all berries, add a balanced fertilizer at planting time.

Choose from Bluecrop, Duke, Northland and Reka, or grow some different varieties:
  • Chandler - producing the largest size berries, some said to reach cherry size!
  • Wild Blueberry - the low growing native variety, producing small sweet berries.


Gooseberries are an old favorite that are now native to parts of Canada thanks to an English introduction. The European and American varieties are said to be larger fruited and tastier. This one berry comes in varying shades of yellow, green, red, or black and an array of rounded shapes. Harvest mid to late summer from drought tolerant, hardy shrubs.

Assorted Strawberry Plants
Assorted Strawberry Plants

The first planting of Strawberry plants are now available!

This will only be a small selection of the varieties that we grow each season--the bulk of our production will be completely ready for sale in two weeks.

These are in jumbo 6 packs on table D16.
Tillandsia _Air Plants_
Tillandsia (Air Plants)
Tillandsia (Air Plants)

Air Plants are extremely trendy and easy to grow--if you remember a few simple tips for their care!

These beauties like bright, filtered light, and with higher humidity, higher light will be tolerated.

In the dry Okanagan conditions, Tillandsia will require a 1-2 hour soaking every week or two, as misting will not provide sufficient moisture.

Allow the air plant to thoroughly dry after soaking with no residual pooling in the crown when you reattach or replace it. Air Plants love good air circulation.

You will find our selection on table N1 right up front.

Assorted Tillandsia Air Plants
Assorted Tillandsia (Air Plants)

Lithops (Living Stone Plants)
Lithops (Living Stone Plants)

These unique and unusual succulentsthat resemble pebbles and rocks are extremely slow growing however tremendously satisfying!

With the proper care and the right conditions you will be rewarded with a beautiful little daisy like flower that emerges from the split of the two leaves in late summer.

The number one rule with these little collectibles is to not over water them--this will either cause the leaves to burst or the long root to die, and remember they are in the succulent family so they love the sunlight.

You will find a selection of these little beauties on table N1.

Assorted Lithops _Stone Plants_
Assorted Lithops (Living Stone Plants)

Mimicry Plants

There is also a great little selection of other mimicry plants available on table N1.

Assorted Mimicry Plants
Assorted Mimicry Plants
Hardy Vegetables
Tables D17 to D20 are stocked with Hardy Vegetable Plants that are ready to be planted out into the garden (in most locations) for nice early, bug free crops! Nothing beats picking the first crops of lettuce, broccoli and kale and it could be only a few weeks away!
Early Hardy Vegetable Packs
Early Hardy Vegetable Packs
Onion sets and starter packs of Kelsae and Walla Walla as well as starter packs of Bunching, Red Globe, Yellow, Sweet Spanish, Candy and Ailsa Craig Onions.
There is also a full selection of Cabbage, Kale, Kohlrabi and Cauliflower as well as over ten different lettuces to choose from.
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