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We're Packing Some Serious Flower Power!

Posted on April 15, 2016

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Store Hours for the Week of April 10 - April 16

Geraniums Galore!

Our full set up of 4" geraniums in selling section B is complete. Over the last five years or so, CalliopeDark Red has become our best seller in the hanging baskets. Again for this season we have all the colours available including Scarlet Fire, Burgundy, Hot Pink and Lavender Rose--and also the first bi-colour in the Calliope series--'Crimson Flame'. Another stunning bi-colour is the new Cumbanita Rose Splash, which is also an interspecific series of geranium.
Geraniums Cumbanita Rose Splash
Geranium 'Cumbanita Rose Splash'
Read on to see our selection of other Geraniums...

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family

Geranium Sarita Neon Sizzle
Geranium Sarita 'Neon Sizzle'
Ivy Geraniums &
Interspecific Geraniums

Ivy Geranium 'Focus Red Ice' was a smash hit again last year and is back in spades! It offers very consistent variegation in the flower, nice zoning on the leaf and has a vigorous growth habit in comparison to the other bicolour varieties. A new addition to the ever popular bi-colour varieties is Precision Burgundy Ice, which also shows excellent colour consistency.

AS well the Sarita series is still sure to please for another season, with colours like:
  • 'Wild Salmon'
  • 'Punch'
  • 'Neon Sizzle'
  • 'Lilac Splash'
  • 'Red'
Geranium Precision Scarlet Red
Geranium 'Precision Scarlet Red'

Geranium Survivor Pink Batik
Geranium 'Survivor Pink Batik'
Zonal Geraniums

In Zonal Geraniums, new additions to our list would be Savannah Oh So Orange, the Survivior series with Indigo Sky, Pink Batik, and Pink Mega Splash, Elanos Bordeaux, and the Big Ezee series with Dark Red, Neon, and Pink.

Exotic & Scented Geraniums

Exotic geraniums have some real appeal with their unique leaf colouring and zoning. New varieties this season include Fire Night, Cherry Night and Salmon Night showcasing small flowers above dark leaves with a narrow green edge, as well as Chocolate which is a cousin to Vancouver Centennial with darker leaves. Also back by popular demand is Appleblossom, with it's stunning tight fully double blooms.

On the scented geranium tables, look for some of the returnees such as Citronella, Chocolate, Pink Capitatum, Lemon Fizz, and Quercifolia (Wasp Shocker), as well as the newly added Lemona, a nice compact, small leafed lemon scented geranium.

The full Geranium set up includes:

Chocolate Exotic Geranium
'Chocolate' Exotic Geranium
Martha Washington Elegance Sunrise
Martha Washington 'Elegance Sunrise'
Scented Geranium 'Pink Capitatum'
Scented Geranium 'Pink Capitatum'
Salmon Night Exotic Geranium
'Salmon Night' Exotic Geranium
Martha Washington Aristo Black Beauty
Martha Washington
'Aristo Black Beauty'
Mini Marcha Washington Angel EyesBi-Color and Blueberry
Mini Martha Washington 'Angel Eyes Bi-Color & Blueberry
New Guinea Impatiens

This week we have filled the New Guinea Impatienstables, to the north of the cashier area on tables N1 to N7, including the Sun Patiens and Sun Harmonies which are becoming more popular as gardeners begin to see their potential. These type of Impatiens are able to tolerate a lot more direct sun than the regular New Guineas, in fact in our summer trials, we placed some in a west facing flowerbed and they performed quite well, as long as they were interplanted with other annuals for a little extra protection.
New Guinea impatiens Magnum Salmon and Magnum White Blush
New Guinea Impatiens 'Magnum Salmon' & 'Magnum White Blush'
New Guinea Impatien Magnum Pure White
New Guinea Impatien 'Magnum Pure White'
New Guinea Impatien Magnum Purple
New Guinea Impatien 'Magnum Purple'

New Guinea Impatien Magnum Red
New Guinea Impatien 'Magnum Red'
New Guinea Impatien Wild Salmon
New Guinea Impatien 'Wild Salmon'
Bloomin' Beautiful Begonias

The Begonia tables, to the south of the cashier area (table S2 to S7), are full with the Non Stop, Illumination and the Breezy Tuberous Begonias--the last two being trailing types.

Also the nice coffee coloured, upright Non Stop Mocca series, are really quite stunning with contrasting bright flowers.

New this year are the AmeriHybrid Begonias, as a little trial for the season. Roseform Begonias produce exceptionally large rose like blooms that measure 4-8" across, are consistent and distinctly symmetrical. The two Roseform Begonias we have are Apricot and Yellow.

AmeriHybrid Begonia _Roseform Yellow_
AmeriHybrid Begonia 'Roseform Yellow'
Begonia Mocca Deep Orange
Begonia Mocca 'Deep Orange'

The AmeriHybrid Ruffled Begonias claim to produce blooms that are consistently the largest in the world, with ruffled petal edges and highly consistent doubles. The two Ruffled Begonias you can choose from are Red and Orange. The Picotee Lace Begonias produce reverse picotee blooms, with light edges on darker coloured petals. This season we have grown Picotee Lace Red and it truly is a beauty.

The final addition to the AmeriHybrid Begonias for this season is Sunburst Picotee, which is a unique, large flowering, dual coloured, stunning picotee. These are only available in limited numbers, in 4.5" pots for $3.99 and are located on table W3.

Begonia Sunburst Picotee
AmeriHybrid Begonia 'Sunburst Picotee'
Begonia Picotee Lace Red
AmeriHybrid Begonia Picotee 'Lace Red'
Sensational Feature Plants

There are few small trees as impressive as the Brugmansia! While they can reach 20 feet tall in their native tropical climate, we can container grow them and enjoy smaller versions that can still be covered in foot long trumpet-shaped flowers. Commonly called Angel's Trumpets, Brugmansias are frequently confused with Daturas, which many people also commonly call Angel's Trumpets.
Brugmansia Plant
Brugmansia Plant (8-10 years old)
Datura also provide a flourish of huge and beautiful trumpet-like flowers. However, Brugmansia are woody trees, while Datura are herbaceous shrubs. In Brugmansias, the flower hangs down, while in Daturas, the flowers stands more upright. This season we have grown Pink and Yellow Brugmansia in an assortment of sizes, and we have Double Purple, Double White and Double Yellow Daturas, in 4.5" square pots. They can be found on table A-10 north, and up front with the planters between A1 and A4 north.

Purple Iochroma offers clusters of unique deep purple tubular flowers on dark velvety green leaves. It will grow to a substantial bush by the end of the season, blooms all summer, and is great for attracting hummingbirds. You will find Purple Iochroma in 4.5" pots on table A-10 north alongside other feature plants such as Flowering Maples.
Fuchsia Marinka
Fuchsia 'Marinka'
Good Ol' Fuchsias

The old traditional fuchsia is a crop that is still full of steady and showy performers well worth considering adding to your shade basket or shade planter. There are some beautiful colours available in both upright and trailing varieties on table B3 and B4.

Single flowering Marinka produces loads of blossoms over a perfectly uniform plant and is a favourite of ours, and is also one of the only true red fuchsias. Varieties that are up and coming are New Millennium, Blacky, Voodoo and Peachy, to add to the traditional popular varieties such as Lena, Dark Eyes, Bicentennial and Swingtime.

Don't under estimate the power of using upright Fuchsias in your shade planters and garden beds for added height and structure. Choose from such great performers as the dainty little Thumbelina, floriferous Lambada Sunbeam, tall dark and handsome Gartenmeister or the chartreuse leaved Chilli Red.

Fuchsia Black
Fuchsia 'Blacky'

Fuchsia 'Bicentennial'
Fuchsia Voodoo
Fuchsia 'Voodoo'
Aloooooha! Aloha Strawberries are Here!

Try growing the Aloha Berry this season! This Strawberry produces white skinned fruit with red seeds. Also known as the Pineberry, because it smells and tastes like a cross between pineapples and strawberries! We have limited numbers of these, with only 8 trays available for this season and they will be for sale on Friday morning.
Get Yer Moss, Green and Fresh!

For all of us waiting patiently, our shipment of Fresh Moss has FINALLY arrived! If you can't wait to start planting your moss baskets, then come on in and get some while it is nice and fresh.
Moss and Kirsten
Here's a rare sighting of Moss-man Kirsten, who is VERY excited about our new shipment of Moss!
Congratulations to our Weekly Winner!
Tami Jemson, enjoy your Garden Essentials Gift Basket!

(Please come in and pick it up at The Greenery anytime we're open.)

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Garden Glove Giveaway Winners
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