Plant Location Guide 2023

We have set up a guide of the common locations for our most popular plants to help you quickly locate them at our expansive retail shop!

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Plant Locations for 2023 (PDF)

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Plant Name Location
Ageratum A5 South & A11 North (4 packs)
Alyssum C3
Bacopa C4

A15 South & A16 South

Basket Stuffers A5 to A8 North & South
Begonias Fibrous & Tuberous S1 to S7 & A2 South (Trailing)
Blueberries, Blackberries & Raspberries D14 & D15
Broccoli D19
Calibrachoas (Million Bells) C5 & C6
Canna Lillies B20
Coleus A11 North (4 Pack) & A8 South
Cucumbers A16 North
Dahlias S8 & S9
Dracaena / Cordyline (Spikes) N8, N11, & B19
Dusty Miller  A12 North
Elephant Ears B20
Fuchsias B1 & B2
Gazania A12 North (4 Packs) & D9 (3.5" Pots)
Geraniums Interspecific (Mounding) B12 to B14
Geraniums Ivy (Trailing) B11
Geraniums Scented & Seed B15 & B16 (Seed)
Geraniums Zonal (Upright) B3 & B10
Grasses (Annual) D6
Heliotrope A12 North (4 Pack) & A6 North (3.5" Pots) Vegetative
Herbs A15 South to A17 South
Impatiens Double & New Guinea N1 to N7 (New Guinea) & W3 & W4 (Double)
Impatiens 4 Pack (Seed) A3 South & A4 South
Kale D19
Lettuce D20
Lobelia C1 & C2 (4 Pack) & A6 North (Vegetative Pots)
Marguerites (Daisies) D1 & D2
Marigolds A9 North & South & A10 South
Martha Washingtons B17 & B18
Nasturtiums A12 North
Onions D17
Osteospermum D10 to D12
Pansies & Violas E2 to E5
Parsley A15 South & D18
Peppers A13 South & A14 South
Perennials See Below
Petunias 4 Pack (Seed) C17 to C20
Petunias (Vegetative) (Potunia) C13 to C15
Portulaca A12 South
Potato Vine A8 North
Purple Fountain Grass N8
Salvia A12 South (4 Packs) & D5 (3.5" Pots)
Snapdragons A12 South
Strawberries D16
Sunflowers A12 South
Supertrailing Petunias C7 to C12
Squash & Melons A16 North
Tomatoes A13N to A15N & A17 North (Collector & Heirloom)
Verbena (Trailing) D7 to D8
Vines (Annual) A10 North
Wave Petunias C7 & C8
Zinnias A11 South


Plant Name Location
Achillea Yarrow F10
Alcea Hollyhock F10
Alyssum Madwort G1


Arabis Wall Cress G1
Artemesia Silver Mound & Brocade G1
Astilbe False Spirea F2
Aubrieta Rock Cress G1
Brunnera Bugloss F3
Cactus -Hardy Cactus -Hardy G6
Campanula Bellflower


Cerastium Snow-In-Summer G1
Delosperma Ice Plant G2
Delphinium Larkspur F11
Dianthus Sweet William / Pinks F12 / F11 & F12
Dicentra Bleeding Heart F3 & F4
Digitalis Foxglove F12
Echinacea Coneflower F12
Ferns All Varieties F4
English Ivy Hardy Ivy E20
Gaillardia Blanket Flower F12
Geranium Cranesbill F5
Grasses - Ornamental All Varieties F18 & F19
Ground Covers All Varieties F17

Baby's Breath

F13 (Upright)
Heliopsis False Sunflower F13
Helleborus Lenten Rose F5
Hemerocallis Daylily F8

Coral Bells

F5 & F6
Hosta Plantain Lily F1 & North Wall
Iberis Candytuft G1
Iris Flag F13
Lavendula Lavender F13 & F14
Leucanthemum Shasta Daisy F14
Liatris Gayfeather F14
Ligularia Ragwort F6
Lilium Lily (Oriental & Asiatic) F7
Lithodora Lithodora G1
Lupinus Lupine F14
Monarda Beebalm F14 
Nepeta Catmint F14
Paeonia Peony F9
Papaver Poppy F15
Perovskia Russian Sage F15
Phlox Phlox F15 (Upright) & G1 (Creeping)
Polemonium Jacob's Ladder F6
Rudbeckia Black Eyed Susan F16
Salvia Sage F15 & F16
Scabiosa Pincushion Flower F16
Sedum Stonecrop G2 (Upright) & G3 (Creeping)
Sempervivum Hens & Chicks G4 & G5
Thymus Thyme F17
Veronica Speedwell F16 (Upright) & F17 & G2 (Creeping)
Vinca Periwinkle F17
Vines Clematis & Others E20 & F20 & Floor of North Wall