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April 2012 - Week 3

Posted on April 19, 2012

Collector Tomatoes, Calibrachoas, & Shrubs Aplenty!
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Juliet Tomatoes
Juliet Tomatoes

It's a tomato frenzy!


Despite the coolish weather, we will be bringing out the first planting of our collector tomatoes into location on Friday Afternoon.

This year we have divided up our collection into three categories due to the ever increasing selection of new varieties.

Besides our general section, we will have a Heirloom section and a section where many of the new hanging basket varieties will be available in 2 1/2" pots for easy planting. Noteworthy additions this year are two late blight resistant varieties, Defiant and Mountain Magic. If you grow these this season, please send us your feedback.

Other varieties worth
mentioning are:


Indigo Rose, the darkest tomato bred so far with an exceptionally high level of anthocyanins ( a powerful anti-oxidant).


Cherry Cascade, prolific cascades of sweet and juicy 1" fruits tumble from hanging baskets and containers.


Power Pops, a delicious tomato that can produce 55% more lycopene and 40% more carotenoids than the average tomato.

Valencia, a smooth round, orange-skinned heirloom variety that produces full flavoured meaty fruits with few seeds.

As well as many, many more!



Calibrachoas: Colour! Colour! Colour!

Calibrachoas will be set up for Saturday morning with a full assortment of colours! With over 75 varieties to choose from, you will be sure to find the colour you are looking for. An array of yellows, oranges, reds, pinks, purples, whites, star coloured and veined flowers are sure to delight every garden setting. Try some of the new colours from the Aloha Series for Large flowering types, or the Mini Famous Series for excellent branching and performance with lots of colour!
Calibrachoas - Eye Spy
Calibrachoas - Eye Spy
Calibrachoas - Trial Plants
Calibrachoas - Trial Plants
Calibrachoas - Mix
Calibrachoas - Mix
Calibrachoas - Snowberry Fusion
Calibrachoas - Snowberry Fusion

Vegetative Petunias

For those who like the more unique, come and see the selection of Vegetative Petunias we have set up on table C13 and C14. These varieties won't trail like the super trailing types, but they do mound and spread and are great for planters or hanging baskets set lower for viewing. They boast the best variety of colours, including the world's first black Petunia, returning from last year... Black Velvet! Not to forget about the other amazing colours such as Potunia Plus Papaya, Sweetunia Mystery, Peppy Purple, Sweetunia Bordeaux, and Surprise Orange Twist.
Potunia Plus Pinkalicious Vegetative Petunia
Potunia Plus Pinkalicious Vegetative Petunias
Potunia Deep Purple, Potunia Plus Papaya, and Potunia Plus Yellow Vegetative Petunias
Potunia Deep Purple, Potunia Plus Papaya, and Potunia Plus Yellow Vegetative Petunias
Hydrangeas - Photo by Titus Tsharntke
Hydrangeas (Photo by Titus Tscharntke)

Starter Shrubs

For the first time, we have brought in a small selection of interesting shrubs from Van Belle Nursery in Abbotsford, BC.


We have Butterfly Bush, Hydrangea, Weigela, Spirea, and others all in 4 1/2" pots to get you started.



Master Gardeners

Some of the Kelowna Master Gardeners will be set up here this Saturday, April 21st from 10am to 3pm. They will be ready to answer your questions and offer advice for your landscape and planting plans for this season.
Congratulations to our Weekly Winner!

Tracy Madoche, enjoy your Garden Essentials Gift Basket!

(Please come in and pick it up at The Greenery anytime we're open.)


About the Contest


Each week we have a draw in our garden centre for everyone that filled out a ballot during that week. Ballots are available in-store only, although you may want to check our Facebook page in the near future for special goodies for our Facebook friends!


Happy Gardening!

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