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April 2013 - Week 3

Posted on April 19, 2013

Start Your Tomato Collection!

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Impatient for Impatiens? Wait No More!


Even though temperatures have been abnormally cool for this time of year, we are still staying on schedule with set up.

This week we have filled the New Guinea Impatienstables with some exciting new varieties like the Tamarinda Max series with their huge vibrant flowers, as well asthe Sun Patiens and Sun Harmonies which are becoming more popular as gardeners begin seeing their potential.
Electric Orange Sun Patien
"Electric Orange" Sun Patien
"Tamarinda Max Sweet Pink & Red" New Guinea Impatiens
These type of Impatiens are able to tolerate a lot more direct sun than the regular New Guineas. In fact, in our summer trials, we placed some in a west facing flowerbed and they performed quite well. Some new colours in the series are: "Electric Orange", "Deep Orange", "Pink", and "Violet".
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Begonia Bonanza

The Begonia tables are now full, including the Nonstop tuberous varieties and the very popular vegetative types which include the Bonfire, Dragon Wing, Encanto, Million Kisses, and Beaucoup Series.

"Sparks Will Fly" Begonia
"Arcada Scarlet" Begonia

Some new Begonias that we have added to our production list this season are: "Nonstop Rose on Rose Bicolour", "Nonstop Golden Orange", "Million Kisses Amour", "Encanto Red", "Sparks Will Fly", and the Arcada Series which are a double flowering trailing type.

"Nonstop Rose on Rose Bicolour"
"Nonstop Golden Orange" Begonia
Hello, Helleborus!

Hellebore sales have been exceptionally strong this Spring, due to a milder than normal Winter, but also because it has been 3 to 4 years since all the new and exciting varieties were introduced.

Thirteen of these stunning new varieties are part of the Winter Jewel Series which were hybridized by Marietta O'Byrne, the best and most well known Hellebore breeder in the world.
Winter Jewel Hellebore Painted Doubles
Winter Jewel "Painted Doubles" Hellebore
Winter Jewel Hellebore Jade Tiger
Winter Jewel "Jade Tiger" Hellebore
We have a full selection of Hellebore available in 5.5" square pots ranging in price from $7.99 to $9.99.

Now the full effect of Helleborus is visible in shade gardens all over. They are definitely worth trying if you haven't before, especially in a cool Spring when we are itching to have some blooms in the garden!

Here are some pictures from our garden with some great examples of Hellebore and some other great, early blooming, shade-loving perennials.
"Ivory Prince" Hellebore... Can you spot our little spider friend?
Winter Jewel Cotton Candy Hellebore
Winter Jewel "Cotton Candy" Hellebore
Onyx Odyssey Hellebore
Winter Jewel "Onyx Odyssey" Hellebore
Pink Frost Hellebore
"Pink Frost" Hellebore
Dark Vader Pulmonaria
"Dark Vader" Pulmonaria
Brunnera Jack Frost
"Jack Frost" Brunnera
Juliet Tomatoes
Juliet Collector Tomatoes
Are You A Tomato Collector?

Despite the coolish weather, we will still be bringing out the first planting of our collector tomatoes into location on Friday afternoon--with over 100 varieties!

Again this year we have divided up our collection into three categories due to the ever increasing numbers of new varieties. Besides our general section, we will have an Heirloom section, and a section where many of the new hanging basket varieties will be available in 2.5" pots for easy planting, all located down the aisle of A17 north.

A few new tomato varieties of note for 2013:
Heirloom "Sicilian Saucer", an unusually large beefsteak paste type.Heirloom "Mortgage Lifter", a meaty beefsteak with few seeds that is a consistent taste test winner."Orange Wellington", a prolific plant that bears nearly seedless, meaty orange fruits."Tasty Lee", has superior sweet flavour and 40% more Lycopene."Topsy Tom", similar to Tumbler, but with with more pliable stems. Good for hanging baskets and upside down planters.

We will also have a few plants available of Puden's "Purple", an early "pinkish" Brandywine type (potato leaf). We received some extra seeds for these from one of our customers who really likes its huge early production.

Guess The Plants Contest - Week 5
How Good Is Your Eye?

Be one of the first three people to guess all three photos correctly to win a prize!

1st Place: $20 Greenery Gift Card
2nd Place: $10 Greenery Gift Card
3rd Place: $5 Greenery Gift Card

Head over to The Greenery's Facebook Page and comment on the contest photo at the top of the page to enter.

Keep guessing as we won't be announcing the winners or telling anyone they got it right until the end of the week!

NOTE: Please do not email us your answers. Facebook entries only.
Since this is a "first 3 people to guess correctly wins" type of contest, we'd like to keep entries out in the open for everyone to see. Facebook comments are always in chronological order to keep things fair. It's also fun to see what everyone else is guessing! If you don't have a Facebook account, we encourage you to pester a friend to enter on your behalf.

About the Contest
Each week this season, when the newsletter comes out, look for our new Guess The Plants Contest! Each set of photos will be taken from The Greenery's retail space this week.
** Congratulations to our Past Week Winners **

Week 3 Contest Winners: 1st: L Anne Schretlen, 2nd: Jacquelyne Reynolds, 3rd: No one yet! Will it be you?

Week 4 Contest Winners: 1st: L Anne Schretlen, 2nd: Mary Richelle Vilda Ritter, 3rd: Jacquelyne Reynolds
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