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April 2013 - Week 1

Posted on April 05, 2013

Pink, Purple, and Red for your Garden
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The Set-Up Has Begun!



Even though Easter has passed there is still lots of colour on display with 100's of Solenia Begonia and Gerbera Daisy plants starting to bloom. These give a great punch of color in a nice bright indoor location and can be planted outside once the likelihood of frost is gone.
Solenia Begonias
Solenia Begonias
Gerbera Daisies
Gerbera Daisies
A Friendly Reminder

Don't forget our April hours which are 10:00am to 5:00pm, 7 days a week. Plus, we are now open later until 6:00pm on Thursdays and Fridays. See you there!
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Seed Petunia
Seed Petunia
The Grand Reveal

For all those curious customers, all the remaining aisles in selling section A and B have been opened for you to browse through.

Space has been made to setup certain crops in their final table locations like 4 pack Alyssum on table C - 3 including the unique 'Easter Bonnet Peach' and 'Lemonade' varieties.

As well the 4 pack seed petunias are in place covering C - 14 to C - 19 with one new variety producing medium sized bright red double flowers called 'Madness Double Red'.
Colourful Cordyline

Cordyline - Cherry Sensation
Cordyline - Cherry Sensation
For this weekend we will have a full set up of Cordyline available, these great center pieces have been a popular plant for years. One of our favourite new varieties is called 'Cherry Sensation' with it's vibrant pink and contrasting dark burgundy stripes it makes a stunning feature plant, on its own or in a mixed planter.

As well there are some great second year plants in the standard green color, and for the first time in a while some large 'Red Star' and 'Cardinal' varieties available in 5.5" square pots.
Fuchsia - Tafetta Bow
Fuchsia - Tafetta Bow
For the Purple and Pink Lovers

If you love Fuchsias then don't miss the initial set up of 2.5" pots on B - 3 and B - 4, as well some great larger potted upright types on table C - 4.

New varieties to watch out for are 'Ballerina Dreams', 'Eruptions', 'Heri Mochara', 'Orange King', 'Paul H.S. Fischer', 'Purple Crossette', 'Tafetta Bow', and 'Velvet Crush'.
Assorted Mint Stock Pots
Assorted Mint Stock Pots
Weekend Specials

We are selling off our mint stock pots at $9.99. These beauties just need to be up potted for the rest of the season into larger containers and are bushy enough to supply you and all your friends with enough leaves for those great summer Mojitos!

Also, all our remaining Daffodils are 2 FOR 1 this weekend!
Cole Crops

With the cloudy rainy days now, it's a great time to plant your hardy vegetables, flowers, and perennials.

Click here to watch the video
Guess The Plants - April Week 3
How Good Is Your Eye?

Be one of the first three people to guess all three photos correctly to win a prize!

1st Place: $20 Greenery Gift Card
2nd Place: $10 Greenery Gift Card
3rd Place: $5 Greenery Gift Card

Head over to The Greenery's Facebook Page and comment on the contest photo at the top of the page to enter.

Keep guessing as we won't be announcing the winners or telling anyone they got it right until the end of the week!

NOTE: Please do not email us your answers. Facebook entries only.
Since this is a "first 3 people to guess correctly wins" type of contest, we'd like to keep entries out in the open for everyone to see. Facebook comments are always in chronological order to keep things fair. It's also fun to see what everyone else is guessing! If you don't have a Facebook account, we encourage you to pester a friend to enter on your behalf.

About the Contest
Each week this season, when the newsletter comes out, look for our new Guess The Plants Contest! Each set of photos will be taken from The Greenery's retail space this week.
Still no winners yet for our Week 2 Contest so keep those guesses coming!
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