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April 2013 - Week 2

Posted on April 12, 2013

From Fruits to Flowers, Basket Stuffers to Bushes
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Seascape Everbearing Strawberries
Seascape Everbearing Strawberries
Mmm... Strawberry Heaven



It's time to get your Strawberries! The backordered varieties have now rooted in so we have set up the full selection of Jumbo 6-packs for $2.59 each.

We have the same great selection as last season, including five June bearing varieties: All Star, Annapolis, Honeoye, Kent, and Totem.

We also have five Everbearing day-neutral varieties: Eversweet, Tri-Star, Hecker, Seascape, and Albion, which is a new variety that is supposed to do well in our climate.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
The Greenery Family
Calliope Lavender Rose
Calliope Lavender Rose
Addicted to Geraniums?

Our full set up of Geraniums in selling section B is complete.  Over the last three years, Calliope Dark Red has become our best selling geranium basket, it seems most people we recommend it to become instantly hooked!

Now finally there are some new colours available to add to the original Interspecific type geranium, making it a total of five in the series.  The three new colours added to Dark Red and Scarlet Fire, are Burgundy, Hot Pink, and Lavender Rose.  

The full set up includes:Zonal or upright type from table B5 to B12Ivy or trailing type on table B13 and B14Interspecific varieties on table B15 and B16Exotic varieties on table B17Seed Geraniums on table B18
Calliope Hot Pink
Calliope Hot Pink
Calliope Burgundy
Calliope Burgundy
Start Stuffing Those Baskets!

Lobularia in 'Lavender', 'White', and 'Summer' (Cream)
Lobularia 'Lavender', 'White', and 'Summer' (Cream)
We will have our full selection of Basket Stuffers set up by Saturday morning, including some exciting new varieties.  Expanding the new Lobularia (Alyssum Silver Stream) are three new colours: Lavender, White, and Summer (creamy yellow).

Adding to the popular Chocolate Cosmos are two new varieties: Spellbound, which is very fragrant with maroon coloured blossoms, and Dark Secret, with deep chocolate brown blossoms.
A new twist on an old favourite, we offer three unique Nasturtiums: Aloha Cream Red, Aloha White and Red (which have bicolour flowers), and Flamethrower Burgundy which heats up your baskets and planters with serrated, open-type flowers.

Nasturtium Flamethrower Burgundy
Nasturtium Flamethrower Burgundy
Nasturtium Aloha Cream
Nasturtium Aloha Cream Red
Also check out the new, large flowering Cupheas (Bat face or Mouse face) Trend Bordeaux, Trend Salmon, and Intensive Lilac.  All your favourite Basket Stuffers are available as well, including Bacopa, Bidens, Diascia, Nemesia, Creeping Jenny, Creeping Charlie, Vinca, and Sweet Potato Vines (which like somewhat warmer weather).

Cuphea Trend Salmon
Cuphea Trend Salmon
Cuphea Trend Bordeaux
Cuphea Trend Bordeaux
New Petunias

As the weather continues to improve, our trailing and mounding Petunias have been set up.  New this year in the trailing section, which you will find on tables C7 through C12, are: Blanket Lemon Glow and Blanket Rose Star with smaller (1.5"-2") flowers but a vigorous growth habit reaching 3'-4'.  Cascadia Rim Magenta is dazzling with deep magenta flowers rimmed with cream white edges.

For the mounding type Petunias, lots of new dark colours were introduced this season to compete with Black Velvet. Varieties include Surprise Midnight Cowboy, Crazytunia Black Mamba, and Crazytunia Mahogany Queen.
Petunia - Cascadia Rim Magenta
Petunia - Cascadia Rim Magenta
Petunia - Cha-Ching Cherry
Petunia - Cha-Ching Cherry
Several unique bicolour flowering varieties to watch for are: Rose and Shine, Cha-Ching, Crazytunia Knight Rider, Flashmob Blurific, Flashmob Redtastic, and Peppy Red, Blue, and Purple.
Petunia - Flashmob Blurific
Petunia - Flashmob Blurific
Petunia - Peppy Red
Petunia - Rose and Shine
Petunia - Rose and Shine
Don't forget all the returning favourites as well, including the Wave, Sanguna, and Potunia series.  Also adding to our own Greenery breeding lines: Variegated Rose, Wave Purple Vein, and returning, Variegated Purple Wave!
Your Bushes Don't Need to be Boring

Hydrangea - Next Generation Pistachio
Hydrangea - Next Generation Pistachio
Back for a second season in a row is a great selection of starter size bushes in 4.5" square pots for $6.99 each.  These should be arriving this weekend from Van Belle Nursery in Abbotsford.

These small bushes offer a perfectly affordable way to try a few different types of flowering shrubs, many of which will size up in quite a short time.  There are 50 varieties, including 6 types of Butterfly Bush, 15 types of Hydrangea, and others like Cotoneaster, Euonymus, Morden Roses, Spirea, Potentilla, Viburnum, and Weigela.

We are really excited to be carrying the 'Next Generation' series of Hydrangeas, which are a re-blooming type that flower on new and old wood, so your worries about heavy winter damage affecting the summer performance of your hydrangeas are over!

Guess The Plants Contest - Week 4
How Good Is Your Eye?

Be one of the first three people to guess all three photos correctly to win a prize!

1st Place: $20 Greenery Gift Card
2nd Place: $10 Greenery Gift Card
3rd Place: $5 Greenery Gift Card

Head over to The Greenery's Facebook Page and comment on the contest photo at the top of the page to enter.

Keep guessing as we won't be announcing the winners or telling anyone they got it right until the end of the week!

NOTE: Please do not email us your answers. Facebook entries only.
Since this is a "first 3 people to guess correctly wins" type of contest, we'd like to keep entries out in the open for everyone to see. Facebook comments are always in chronological order to keep things fair. It's also fun to see what everyone else is guessing! If you don't have a Facebook account, we encourage you to pester a friend to enter on your behalf.

About the Contest
Each week this season, when the newsletter comes out, look for our new Guess The Plants Contest! Each set of photos will be taken from The Greenery's retail space this week.
** Past Week Winners **

Congratulations to Dawn Marie, Jacquelyne Reynolds, and Bonnie Semeniuk for winning the Week 2 Contest! Drop by the Greenery to pick up your prizes.

Only one person has guessed correctly for the Week 3 Contest, so keep those entries coming :) 
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