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May 2011 Week 4

Posted on May 27, 2011

Saturday - 200+ varieties of Calibrachoas and Supertrailing Petunia Baskets!
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Ready, Set, Judge!  


This weekend we will be finishing the judging of our trial baskets of 10" Calibrachoas and 12" Supertrailing Petunias.  


We will bring both of these, in single colours as well as mixes, out for sale on Saturday morning.  Between the two, there will be over 200 varieties to look at!

Supertrailing Petunia Baskets_web
Supertrailing Petunia Baskets 
Calibrachoa Baskets 2
Calibrachoa Baskets

Tidal Wave Petunia Baskets 

Hanging Baskets
Tidal Wave Petunia Baskets



Also the 14" Tidal Wave Petunia baskets are out for sale now, hanging in selling section 'D' with the other supertrailing petunia baskets. Tidal Wave Petunias are the biggest petunia series in the Wave Family, they grow and grow into an awesome mass of flowers!

We have 14" hanging baskets in a variety of colours, such as silver, hot pink, purple and cherry, all available for only $39.99 each. 

Hardy, Drought-Tolerant Perennials  


We have fully restocked the Sempervivum (Hens and Chicks) and Sedum (Stonecrop) tables both in selling section 'E' and in selling section 'G', the new rock garden and alpine perennial section.  For any gardeners needing an extremely hardy and incredibly drought tolerant type of perennial, then they are the perfect choice.  Here are some of the 100 varieties that we are growing.

Sempervivum Hepworth Hybrid
Sempervivum Hepworth Hybrid
Sempervivum Tederheid
Sempervivum Tederheid 
Sempervivum Robin
Sempervivum Robin
Sempervivum miniature hybrid
Sempervivum Miniature Hybrid
Sedum Capa Blanca
Sedum Capa Blanca
Sedum Kamtschaticum Variegatum
Sedum Kamtschaticum Variegatum
Sedum Lydium
Sedum Lydium
Sedum Weihenstephaner Gold_web
Sedum Weihenstephaner Gold

Enjoy Our Perennial Garden Display


If you find yourself with a few spare minutes while you are out shopping, be sure to check out our perennial display garden, located at the far north side of our retail space.  Here are a few photos from the last couple of weeks.


Perennial Display Garden
Perennial Display Garden
Perennial Display Garden2
Perennial Display Garden
Perennial Display Garden1
Perennial Display Garden
Perennial Display Garden5
Perennial Display Garden
Gardening Glove Giveaway

If you missed April's exclusive Facebook giveaway, all you have to do is click on the "LIKE" button at the top of our page on Facebook and you'll be automatically entered to win next time we do a giveaway this Sunday, May 29th!  If you've already "LIKED" our page, then you're already in the draw - you don't need to do a thing. ;-)   


Our page is: 

Congratulations to our Weekly Winner!

Helga Peter, enjoy your Garden Essentials Gift Basket! 

(Please come in and pick it up at The Greenery anytime we're open.) 


About the Contest


Each week we have a draw in our garden centre for everyone that filled out a ballot during that week.  Ballots are available in-store only, although you may want to check our Facebook page in the near future for special goodies for our Facebook friends!  


Happy Gardening!

The Greenery Crew



We are now eating lettuce from our garden for the last two weeks, and we also harvested broccoli this week.  No bugs so far!   

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