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Videos - Tropical Plants, Tomatoes

Posted on October 22, 2012

Tomatoes and Tropicals
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Time for some Tomatoes and Tropicals



Fall is here and so is the final tomato harvest! We planted about 60 different varieties of tomato plants this season and would like to feature some of them in our gardening videos below. Our wide selection includes cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, plum tomatoes, roma tomatoes, slicing and beefsteak tomatoes.

We'd also like to share some of our favourite outdoor tropical plants that we like to plant both in our water features and water bowls (click for more info on water plants) as well as in planters. See how these dramatic tropicals can transform the look of your outdoor living space into your own personal oasis, and begin planning now for next season!

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End of Season Tomatoes: Part 1

Featured Plants: Juliet Grape Tomato Sweet Orange Cherry TomatoSun Gold Cherry TomatoNEW: Indigo Rose Cherry Tomato 

...and 12 more!

Outdoor Tropicals: Part 1

Featured Plants: Colocasia "Fontanesii"Canna Lily "Pretoria"Canna Lily "Durban"Colocasia "Diamond Head"

...and 4 more!

End of Season Tomatoes: Part 2

Featured Plants: Plum Regal Roma Tomato Sunoma Roma Tomato Whopper Beefsteak TomatoChampion Beefsteak Tomato 

...and 4 more!

Outdoor Tropicals: Part 2

Featured Plants: Colocasia "Black Beauty"Shrimp PlantCyperus PapyrusMusa basjoo "Hardy Banana"

...and 5 more!

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